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October 12, 2014

Nak duit dari Pixajoy tak?


Hari ni nak bercerita pasal kelebihan join affiliates Pixajoy. Saya dah berjaya cashout untuk kali yang pertama. Boleh refer kat SINI. Kalau orang yang jenis rajin promote mesti lagi masyukkk. Tapi malangnya saya bukan spesis tu hehe. Nak cashout kali ke 2 tak lepas lagi ni ;P ..

Features & Benefits
Why should you become a Joy Affiliate?

Free To JoinFree To Join
No joining fee and takes only a minute to sign up.
Sign-Up BonusSign-Up Bonus 
RM10 sign-up bonus. Join now and receive yours right away.
Low Payout RateLow Payout Rate
Enjoy a low minimum payout threshold of RM50. Once you have earned RM50 you can claim your earnings.
We'll bank it into the Bank Account of your choice.
Honest and Reliable PayoutHonest and Reliable Payout
Your claimed earnings will be banked into your Bank Account within 10 working days.
Personal Joy Affiliate AccountPersonal Joy Affiliate Account
You will have real-time statistic reports on traffic, clicks, sales and also make your earnings claims.
Ready-Made Banners & Text LinksReady-Made Banners & Text Links
We provide an up-to-date selection of banners and text links of all our latest promotions.
Banner Placements Almost AnywhereBanner Placements Almost Anywhere
All types of websites are welcome to join! (No adult and illegal sites though, please).
You can use banners and/or text links anywhere on your website(s), blog(s), personal page and even in emails.
1 Year Cookie Period1 Year Cookie Period For Sign Up
Extended cookie session period to track sign-ups of customers referred by you.
Lifetime Purchase TrackingLifetime Purchase Tracking
After your referred customer signs up, even if he/she only makes his/her first order after 5 years, you will still be entitled to the referral earnings.

Berminat tak?.. Kalau berminat boleh sign up FREE je kat banner ni:

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